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This years SDMC Hairst Rally is on 30th September and is a Clubman status event counting in the SAMSC Navigational Championship.
Entrants need a Motorsport UK Clubmans Licence and a valid Club Card.

We are offering 95 miles in Aberdeenshire, starting at Sunnyside of Gight, Methlick ,and we look forward to a great nights competition.

We will have four classes, the usual Expert,Non-Expert and Novice as well as a 'Newcomer' class for new (and prospective) competitors who have limited experience and would like to build up their expertise towards competing competitively.

This class will also be open to anyone who just wants to have some fun without the pressure!   In addition to receiving Time Cards with references for all the controls, Entrants in this class will be given an A3 map of the route at 1:100,000 scale showing the route and the locations of all the controls. Results will not count towards any Championships.


Entries are OPEN and made online using  RallyAppLive .

If you require more information please get in touch with a committee member or contact the page

SR's & Entering Guide are below
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