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The SR's for the Hairst Rally are now available on the club website and face Book, in addition they have been circulated to all the invited clubs,so please get your entries in as soon as possible. Closing date is 20th September!

As well as competitors (most important!) this year we also need 5 marshal crews to improve the social aspect of the event.

As the marshals will also be using RallyAppLive for the timing, we need to know who is coming to help by the closing date (20th Sept) so that I can distribute the instructions, location maps etc.

As parking space is limited at Sunnyside, we would like to avoid having the marshals at the Start if at all possible - Signing on can be done on line, we will once again distribute the forms to marshals in advance.

If you're able to help out with running the Hairst rally please get in contact with -

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